Saturday, November 28, 2009

omgwtf its a new post

So, yea, its been since September. I've been slacking. But work takes priority this time of year. I've been to Baltimore, Boston, Houston, Austin, Detroit, Philadelphia, Albany and Brooklyn all in the short time span of the past two months. It's been pretty fun, but as always, pretty exhausting as well.

But enough about all that. I've been doing some jewelry lately! Last week I soldered some bails onto some ancient coins, which of course I neglected to take pictures of. But they turned out nicely, its been awhile since I've soldered anything (not having a torch of my own) and it was comforting to know things like that are akin to riding bikes.

In my travels, I've seen some amazing artwork. Mostly from High School students. Granted they've got more time, but they've been puttin me to shame. I've had some ideas festering in the back of my brain lately, mostly about gender, myth, and sexuality. Still working them out, but I did do some sketches today of some silhouettes I like. And I'll be working on some more etched pieces for the CCAD art sale next weekend. Come out and see me if you're in the Columbus Ohio area!

Also, Here is the information for the CCAD art sale. Ciao!