Monday, January 12, 2009

so, i've been brewing on this idea of passages, doorways, transitions. doing a few sketches based on some images about that. also... i created these enamels recently using a combination of orange enamel, fine silver foil, blue over that to catch the iridescence, and black enamel paint to get the details:

and my dad astutely noticed that they have a resemblance to ancient Sumerian motifs. i thought, awesome, i can rock hammurabi. (hah!) so, i looked at some Sumerian images, which you can see sketched below. Particularly thought the center image looked like a doorway:

And attempted to sketch some Gothic windows before the intricacy annoyed me. I always think its a good idea until i get to the buttresses:

still progressing with this idea. it all started when i was reading Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell, in which there is a series of passages hidden in another realm mirrored to ours. mirrors act as doorways... reflections upon our own image... that kinda thing in relation to jewelry and wearable objects just grabbed me.

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  1. Your posts are too smart. I love the jewelry pieces... they look like they're floating.