Thursday, February 26, 2009

underglaze pencil drawings

my first experiment with underglaze drawing:

So, I had a very constructive talk with my husband tonight at Cuco's mexican taqueria about all these ideas I've been having lately. Out of it spawned some new goals, amongst them me wanting to make narrative jewelry, so, kinda like, an illustrated necklace or bracelet, that involve the themes of passages, thresholds, or crossroads and the images that go along with those ideas. Still working on it, but that's what spawned the drawings yesterday of Thoth and Cerebus, because they both guard doorways that hold demons or hell at bay. I think this is such a neat idea. Now, i just have to figure out what stories I want to tell, and the context of putting it on a necklace or bracelet. I'm leaning toward non-traditional representations of ancient symbols or mythical creatures, just because I like the modern/classical jusxtaposition.

All that said, I've got some new ideas, and I'll be posting them as I create them. Also gonna be makin some new variations on old themes, like my trees and my sumerian stuff, for some upcoming craft shows I plan on applying for. Wish me luck!

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