Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two days of works in progress

Here's some images of a pair of necklaces and earrings I'm currently working on. I put them next to their sketches for reference... I think they're coming along nicely.

The top one pictured here with the blue root squigglies is a rare picture of one of my pieces unfired. The blue squigglies are still in powder enamel form on top of the fired green enamel. The bottom piece is completely enameled, in contrast.

Cutting these bastards out took awhile today. But they're going to be really cute! Now i just have to cut out three more just like them to make the matching pair or earrings. You can see by the sketch what these guys are going to look like.

The weekend has been nice, but tomorrow is another work day! So much to do before my next craft show. To work with me!

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  1. Hi Kira! Thanks for following my blog!

    I love these root enamels. So pretty and really love seeing the sketches that inspired them. That's something I really have to start doing. My process is pretty much seat of the pants, but I can see now how preparation might lessen my creative angst!