Monday, July 13, 2009

Soon to be in Delphi

Delphi Greece! That is correct. The long awaited trip has almost arrived. We leave this Wednesday, and my life is consumed with planning for places to see while we're there for a short week. What does one see in the birthplace of not only western civilization, but the very gods themselves? Revelations, perhaps. I'll take a million pictures.

Well, I've at least made some progress on my list, as far as art things go. I've applied for two more shows (crossing fingers) and have a bunch of new work I'd like to produce, involving more dimensionality. I also found an awesome site for business cards that I'm totally gonna hit up. As soon as I get more pictures. Y'know, when I get back from Greece. After I find my muse over there, and stuff her in my suitcase to provide many years of inspiration until she escapes her prison and unleashes her vengeful wrath upon me. Yea. Just like that.


1. Make website look professional
2. Create new business cards
3. Create new logo/branding for Anima Metals
4. Work on new designs for jewelry
5. Work on jewelry designs for portfolio pieces based around a concept
6. Start putting together a postcard for galleries and boutiques
7. Keep up on craft show deadlines
8. Create work I can enter into competitions
9. Purchase 500 enamels book
10. Small Business taxes done and mailed

I've got a bit to go by the end of July. eeeeeee.

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