Saturday, August 29, 2009

Picture background experiments

I've been working on a few things tangential to actual jewelry creation the past week, thus the lack of posts. For example, I've been belaboring the monumental task of recreating my business cards. But Kira, you must be thinking, what's so difficult about uploading a few pictures too and putting your info on the back and voila! Magnifico! Amore! Encore! (and other random foreign language descriptors)

Well... there's branding to consider. There's showing off how I want my jewelry to look, while communicating that it still looks like said jewelry to the person who wants to buy it, as well as conveying whatever I want "Anima Metals" to mean visually. Which I still think needs streamlining. Eeeeeeeee. And the fact that I suck at photography.

After a long debate today, my husband and I decided that it needed some kind of rock to sit on, to communicate the idea of the ancient, relic, and spiritual flavors I'm going for. So here's some experimental pictures of that idea.

Originally, I had thought to abstract the pieces by cropping them to the extreme, thusly:

But, Travis once again expressed his disdain for that swirly background behind them. His reasoning is totally sound too, it being high contrast and distracting from my jewelry. He also had the good insight to mention you couldn't tell what the hell you were looking at when it was that abstracted. Sigh. So then, the rock idea. As follows:

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  1. For the red/yellow pieces- I think the 2nd and 3rd images are working the best. They showcase the piece, without being distracting, but still more interesting than white. Me likey.
    And sorry, I know this post is old, I need to catch up on my blog crap too.