Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh hai

So, I had meant to put up some more pictures last night, but then I got distracted by errands and getting new cell phones (Saumsung Eternity through AT&T, we'll see how that turns out). Also we're canceling our cable. I know. Crazy, right? Turns out, there's just not much I wanna watch on TV anymore. At least, nothing I can't watch on Hulu or somewhere else online.

In lieu of sharing some of my jewelry, I'll share some of my recent inspirations.

Modern myth illustrations by Joao Ruas. Beautiful light, characters, and monsters.

This enamel work is so amazing, and reminds me of some of the work I was doing back in college with nerve endings mimicking natural roots and trees. Tricia Harding's jewelry is like if Queen Victoria listened to Tool.

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  1. I really like the Tricia Harding stuff. It kind of looks yummy-like strawberry kiwi or something?