Monday, June 22, 2009

Adventures in Craft Fair Land

Here are some pictures I took at Hathaway Brown this past weekend. While I didn't make as much as I hoped (it was a little slow, and the weather wasn't fabulous) it was still a good show, and I think it was just a mixture of bad luck that made it not so great this time around. But... I did have lots of time to take these beautiful pictures, socialize with the locals, eat sausages and grass fed all natural ice cream, and meet some fabulous artists!

But, without further ado, here's my photos.


  1. Pretty cloud pictures. And I like the booth with the frames.

  2. I saw your stuff at the show (you must have been getting ice cream or something at the time), and it is even more stunning in person. It was a great show, too -- so much new & different.