Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hathaway Brown, here I come!

So, I do have some more images that I'd like to post, but it will have to be when I get back from...

I'm pretty much prepping tonight after work, then working tomorrow, and driving up to Cleveland after that to attend the show! Whew! Time flies! SO, any who want to come and attend this fabulous show (150 artists juried out of a selection of 600 from all over the country) and visit me, I'll be there Friday and Saturday pretty much all day. YAY!!

Something else I'd like to share... I've been reading lots of small business type blogs, and gaining more motivation and information every day from these girls (since they are pretty much unanimously women writing them). On Modish Biz Tips they have this monthly to-do list of goals that they all put out there publicly on their blog so it kinda keeps them on target, and also acts as kind of a support group by being able to see other people's goals. I'm going to join in! Although its in the middle of the month, and these are lofty goals for just one month... a girl's gotta start somewhere.


1. Make website look professional
2. Create new business cards
3. Create new logo/branding for Anima Metals
4. Work on new designs for jewelry
5. Work on jewelry designs for portfolio pieces based around a concept
6. Start putting together a postcard for galleries and boutiques
7. Keep up on craft show deadlines
8. Create work I can enter into competitions
9. Purchase 500 enamels book
10. Small Business taxes done and mailed

Voila! I will see all of you after the weekend... wish me luck!

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