Monday, June 15, 2009

Frames, kitties, and jewelry oh my!

Faithfully following my golden brick road of checklists today (I'm not sure that makes sense... but I have to stick with the post title somehow), I actually got a bunch of stuff done for my craft show next weekend! Chief among these were the frames I put together as parts of my new display in my booth. My cats were super helpful, as you can see below. Just so chipper and inspiring... not only with the composition of my photos, but as stand in models for some shoots I want to take in the future. They're so brilliant *sniff* I'm just so proud of them!

First, the frames:

Faustus helping me take pictures:

And finally Mika, too tired to argue. This is vengeance for when he jumps on my head in the morning to poke me with his wet nose:

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  1. I like the display. Very cool. And, that cat looks delicious.