Monday, June 29, 2009

So, yea, I kinda took an unofficial week off...

But I had a blast. Between meeting Steve Prescott at the Origins Gaming Convention here in Columbus (yea, I'm kinda a geeky sci-fi gamer girl, one of my many complicated... deep... facets who am I kidding I just like geeky stuff sometimes!) and hanging out at Comfest round firedancers and drum-circles, I pretty much had my week set out for me to do no work and freakin relax. It was lovely.

So, in this post, I give you BOTH the geeky me, some other lovely dressed up types at the Convention, and some jewelry sketches and earrings. That's to make up for last week, fellow blog readers, and I hope you accept my humble apologies.

My husband, Caesar Travis

I mostly make excuses to wear that bustle

Ninjagirl Awesome!

The evening drum circle

The aforementioned firedancer


  1. I really like getting to see your sketchbook! Wonderful work.

  2. Thanks Valerie! I plan on checking out your blog when I return from my trip to Greece... looks awesome at first glance.